The decision you make should be a wise one so that your game goes fine, and you feel comfortable during the game. Do not go by any provocation or any temptation. Be rational; after all, it is a good yet expensive investment.

Dos to follow

  • Durability matters - You should get a durable pair of boots. Some are always better than others. But that is not the issue. Make sure your chosen pair lasts longer and serves your feet well. Shop around and do a bit of research on your own.
  • Choose the boots as per your position on the field – It is tempting to choose the flashiest pair for the strikers. But it won’t help you if you play as a defender. For your position, buying a strong sturdy pair of cleats. You may go for a pair like Nike Phantom GT II Elite DF FG Soccer Cleats White Black Bright Crimson Black
  • Be confident – If you are not fully satisfied with the pair of boots, do not get them. There is no compulsion. You always have the option to shop around before making a final decision. Unless you are confident about the durability, comfort, and price factors of the cleats, do not go for them. Nothing can be worse than putting on a pair of football shoes that you are not comfortable with.
  • Keep the invoice – Keep the receipt so you can return the item in case there is any defect. Usually, companies let you take them back if you have not used them. So try the boot in your home and if you are not feeling okay with them or in case, you have a second thought, replace them or get the refund, if they allow.

Don’ts to follow

  • Do not go by face value - Yes, look matters though it may deprive you. Do not fall into the trap of appearance like a kid. A good-looking pair of boots might attract you. They are stylish. But they won’t make you play any better. Emphasize comfort and durability. Also, a stylish pair of boots tend to be costlier.
  • Reputation may be misinterpreted – If you try a pair and feel comfortable with them, go for it. It does not matter whether or not your friends have the same pair of boots. If you like the pair and if they suit your game requirements, get them.
  • Do not compromise the quality – It is true that money matters. But as it comes to buying your football boots, price should not be the only concerned criterion. You should not compromise the quality for a few pounds. Avoid a cheap deal. Rather, go for a good deal like Nike Phantom GT II Elite DF FG Soccer Cleats
  • Do not rush – There is no hurry. Take your time while choosing your boots. You will find many options. Shop around, bargain, and choose the right deal. Impulsive buying won’t ever help.

These are a few things to keep in mind while buying a pair of football boots for your game.


As it comes to buying a pair of suitable Nike Phantom GT II Elite DF FG Soccer Cleats, choose a durable one that goes according to your position on the field. Shop around at and get the best deal.